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How To Open A Margin Account?

What is a margin account?

Investors who wish to borrow against their securities and stocks from brokerage firms are offered margin accounts to access margin loans. The investor usually puts in half the purchase value and the rest is offered by the brokerage firm in lieu of the securities he has placed as collateral.

Steps involved in opening a margin account:

  • Investors in need of margin loans, first need to send a margin account application to the brokerage firm. They need to have a trading account with the firm in the first place.
  • The brokerage firm will assess the value of your investment portfolio that you wish to place as collateral, and lend money against the same. This process is known as hypothecation.
  • Every application takes a couple of business days to be processed.
  • When you sign- up with portals like the Millionaire Blueprint, the users are required to deposit initial registration fees. This money in the user’s account is considered the trading capital and used for trading purposes.
  • The users are required to fill an application form and are directed to the broker who in turn creates their trading account. The brokerage firm is a different entity from the Millionaire Blueprint but helps in connecting the user with the software. Once the deposit is made, the robot verifies the accounts and immediately utilizes the deposit funds for trading. Users can trade only when they deposit.
  • When the investors wish to withdraw funds, a simple withdrawal request needs to be sent and money will be transferred to the investor bank account in about two working days.

Key points to remember when availing a margin account:

  • Investors need to maintain a minimum equity requirement in their margin account. If the securities of the investors fall beyond the minimum requirement, they are usually required to deposit cash or marginal securities into their margin accounts to meet the minimum requirements.
  • Margin accounts have the capacity to intensify the profits or losses as per the circumstances.
  • A margin account entails the brokerage firm to sell the securities used as collaterals to cover the loan under extreme circumstances.


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