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This trio struts their mineral stuff with colors that scream pinktastic! 


Cobaltite, Cobaltoan Calcite (commonly referred to as Cobalton), and Erythrite are distinctive minerals valued not only for their geological characteristics but also for their metaphysical properties.


Cobaltite is primarily composed of cobalt, arsenic, and sulfur, forming metallic gray to silver-white crystals with a high metallic luster. It crystallizes in the cubic system and is typically found in hydrothermal veins alongside other cobalt minerals. Metaphysically, cobaltite is believed to enhance mental clarity and aid in problem-solving, making it beneficial for those seeking insight and understanding in challenging situations. Its association with cobalt also imbues it with energetic properties that promote stamina and determination.


Cobaltoan calcite, or Cobalton, is renowned for its vivid pink-to-purple coloration, which derives from traces of cobalt in its chemical composition. This variety of calcite forms in the oxidized zones of cobalt-rich ore deposits and is often found alongside minerals like Erythrite. Metaphysically, Cobalton is associated with matters of the heart and is believed to enhance feelings of love, compassion, and emotional healing. It is used in crystal healing to promote inner peace, harmony, and creativity, making it a cherished stone for personal growth and spiritual practices.


Erythrite is a secondary mineral that forms as a result of oxidation in cobalt-bearing deposits. It is known for its vibrant bright pink to crimson color and occurs in various forms, including needle-like crystals and powdery coatings on other minerals. Metaphysically, Erythrite is associated with vitality, vitality, and emotional healing. It is believed to stimulate energy flow throughout the body and support emotional well-being by promoting empathy, compas