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This slice is simply stunning! 


Montana Agate is a beautiful variety found in Montana. It features translucent to opaque chalcedony with swirling patterns and bands of color. It often exhibits a range of earthy tones, including browns, grays, whites, and hints of red, orange, or yellow. The patterns and colors within Montana Agate are created through a combination of mineral impurities and geological processes during its formation.


Montana agate is primarily formed along the Yellowstone River with ancient riverbed deposits. It is created through the deposition of silica-rich fluids that fill cavities in the rock, gradually forming layers of chalcedony over millions of years.


Working with this stone can help to balance and align the root chakra, promoting a sense of stability, grounding, balance, and security within oneself. It also supports physical and emotional well-being and promotes inner strength and resilience. Montana Agate also enhances mental clarity, promotes harmony and balance, and facilitates spiritual growth and insight.


Lapidary enthusiasts and collectors highly prize Montana Agate for its unique beauty and distinctive patterns. It is often used in jewelry making, cabochons, and decorative objects. Montana Agate's earthy tones and natural patterns make it a versatile and appealing stone for a wide range of artistic and aesthetic purposes.


Display stand not included

Dimensions: 2.75x2.25"x.25"

Weight: 1.2 oz

Chakras: Root

Zodiac: All

Montana Agate Slice


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