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Picture this: a Peach Selenite bowl radiating soothing vibes and elegance, ready to hold your trinkets or enhance your decor with its serene charm ...


Peach Selenite (Peach Gypsum) is a stunning variation of the mineral Selenite, distinguished by its warm orange hues arising from the presence of impurities such as iron oxide. It's a form of calcium sulfate dihydrate and is characterized by its vitreous to silky luster and translucency—though it can sometimes appear opaque. Peach Selenite crystallizes in the monoclinic system and has perfect cleavage in one direction, allowing it to form thin, delicate sheets. It's a very soft mineral, making it susceptible to scratches and breaks.


Metaphysically, Peach Selenite is highly regarded for its gentle, soothing energy. It aids in emotional healing, helping individuals release old emotional wounds and promoting a sense of calm and tranquility. This crystal brings about creativity, emotional balance, grounding, and stability.


Spiritually, Peach Selenite is thought to enhance creativity, inner peace, and personal transformation. It's used in practices aimed at clearing negative energies and providing a protective aura. During meditation, Peach Selenite can help deepen the meditative state, facilitating connections with higher realms of consciousness.


Peach Selenite is also appreciated for its beauty and is used in decorative items such as lamps, candle holders, and sculptures. Although it is less commonly used in jewelry due to its softness, it can still be a striking addition to crystal collections and energy work setups. Many people incorporate Peach Selenite into crystal grids, where its energy is used for grounding and stabilizing purposes.


Care: Peach Selenite requires careful attention due to its delicate nature. It should be handled gently to avoid scratching or breaking, and it is best cleaned with a soft, dry cloth. Exposure to water or chemicals should be avoided, as Selenite is soluble in water and can be easily damaged. To prevent scratching, Peach Selenite should be stored separately from harder stones, ideally wrapped in a soft cloth or placed in a padded container.



Dimensions: 3.25" diameter

Weight: 6.5 oz

Chakras: Crown, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral

Zodiac: Taurus

Mohs: 2

Peach Selenite Bowl


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