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Tiger Eye is renowned for its chatoyant or "cat's eye" effect, which gives it a mesmerizing, shimmering appearance reminiscent of the eye of a tiger. This beautiful stone is a member of the quartz family and is characterized by its golden to reddish-brown color with distinctive bands of light and dark.


Tiger Eye, with its captivating golden-brown hues, is a symbol of courage, strength, and protection. This powerful stone is believed to boost confidence and self-esteem, helping individuals overcome fears and doubts as they navigate life's challenges. Associated with the solar plexus chakra, Tiger Eye enhances vitality and personal power, empowering individuals to assert themselves and pursue their goals with determination.


But Tiger Eye offers more than just inner strength—it also provides grounding and stability in both the physical and emotional realms. Its calming energy helps to anchor us to the earth, promoting a sense of balance and resilience, especially during times of stress or uncertainty. This makes Tiger Eye an invaluable tool for meditation, as it can help quiet the mind and enhance focus and concentration.


Whether worn as jewelry, carried as a talisman, or placed in the home or workspace, Tiger Eye radiates a powerful energy that uplifts the spirit and instills a sense of courage and resilience. It is a stone of protection and empowerment, guiding us on our journey towards self-discovery and personal growth.


Plastic sphere holder included


Dimensions: 1.5" Diameter

Weight: 3.1 oz

Chakras: Solar Plexus

Zodiac: Leo, Gemini

Tiger Eye Sphere


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