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These stunning bowls will come in handy for a variety of uses! 


Fossilized limestone, also known as fossiliferous limestone, is a type of sedimentary rock that contains an abundance of fossilized remains. Limestone itself is primarily composed of calcium carbonate derived from the accumulation of skeletal fragments of marine organisms such as coral, foraminifera, and mollusks.


In metaphysical and spiritual practices, Fossilized Limestone is a source of grounding and stability, fostering feelings of balance and security akin to connecting with the Earth itself. Representing ancient wisdom, it carries lessons from the past encapsulated in the preserved remains of ancient organisms. Fossilized Limestone harmonizes energy, balances the chakras, and facilitates the smooth flow of energy throughout the body. Its natural origins also deepen one's connection to nature, serving as a reminder of Earth's history and promoting environmental awareness.


Additionally, Fossilized Limestone can enhance meditation practices, aiding in relaxation and focus. Some practitioners even use it to explore past lives or ancestral connections, drawn to its ancient origins and the potential insights it may offer. Overall, incorporating Fossilized Limestone into spiritual practices is thought to enrich one's connection to the self, the Earth, and the universe.


Display stand not included


Dimensions: 8" diameter

Weight: 2.4 lbs

Chakras: Root

Fossilized Limestone Bowl


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