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Cobaltoan and Erythrite: a dynamic duo bringing a pop of pink to the mineral party!


Cobalton and Erythrite are two distinct minerals often found together due to their similar geological environments and striking pink-to-purple colors. Also known as Cobaltocalcite, Cobalton is a variety of Calcite that contains traces of cobalt, giving it a vibrant pink to purple hue. It forms in the oxidized zones of cobalt-rich ore deposits, often associated with minerals like Erythrite. The color intensity can vary depending on the amount of cobalt present, ranging from delicate pastel shades to deep, saturated hues.


Erythrite, on the other hand, is a secondary mineral that typically forms as a result of oxidation in cobalt-bearing mineral deposits. It appears as slender, prismatic crystals or as powdery coatings on other minerals, displaying a characteristic bright pink to crimson color. Erythrite is known for its striking appearance and is valued by collectors for its vivid coloration.


Cobaltoan and Erythrite are minerals prized for their striking pink to purple colors and unique metaphysical properties. Cobaltoan, infused with cobalt, is associated with love, compassion, and creativity, fostering emotional healing and self-expression. Erythrite, known for its vibrant hue, enhances vitality, promotes empathy, and supports emotional healing. Together, these minerals offer a blend of aesthetic beauty and metaphysical benefits, making them valued additions to mineral collections and spiritual practices alike.



Dimensions: 2.5"x2.25"x1.5"

Weight: 5.1 oz

Chakras: Heart

Zodiac: Taurus, Libra, Cancer, Pisces

Mohs: 3


Cobalton & Eythrite

SKU: SP178

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