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Sweep bad juju away with a Black Kyanite broom!


This sleek and sophisticated stone, with its striking black color and unique blade-like formations, is more than just a specimen—it's a tool for transformation.


Black Kyanite is used to assist in grounding and meditation as well as aiding in communication. It deepens our connection to the physical, natural world. It brings power and strength, relieving fears specifically associated with the physical existence here on Earth. Black Kyanite offers protection and a retreat, the safety of being hidden from your enemies.


Whether worn as a pendant or used in meditation, Black Kyanite is your ally in embracing your true strength and stepping into your highest potential.


As shown, you'll receive all 8 pieces

Dimensions: 1"-3"

Weight: 3 oz. (total)


Zodiac: Aries, Libra, Taurus

Black Kyanite - Witch's Broom


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