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Columnar quartz, lying flat like a rock star chillin' backstage, showing off its groovy geometric vibes without even needing to stand up!


Columnar Quartz is rare due to the specific and uncommon hydrothermal conditions needed for its formation, requiring precise temperature, pressure, and chemical environments, which occur infrequently in nature. It’s characterized by elongated, column-like structures that form in low-pressure conditions. These crystals typically grow vertically, often forming in clusters or groups with parallel alignment. Columnar Quartz can range in size from small, slender crystals to large, towering formations, depending on the specific geological conditions under which they formed.


These Quartz formations are prized for their rarity and aesthetic appeal and are commonly used in jewelry, crystal healing, and decorative purposes. Their elongated shape and clear, transparent appearance make them visually striking and versatile. Columnar Quartz crystals can exhibit different colors and may contain inclusions or other features that add to their beauty and uniqueness.


Metaphysically, Columnar Quartz possesses the properties of clarity, amplification, intention, and energy alignment. It's used in meditation and energy work to enhance focus, concentration, and spiritual awareness. It also acts as a magnifier, intensifying the energies directed toward it and aiding in the manifestation of desired outcomes. The vertical alignment of Columnar Quartz crystals facilitates the flow of energy through the body, helping to balance and harmonize the chakras and promote overall wellbeing.


Additionally, Columnar Quartz acts as a protective shield, deflecting negativity and purifying energy.



Dimensions: 2.75"x2.5"x2.5"

Weight: 11.3 oz

Chakras: Crown

Zodiac: All

Mohs: 7

Columnar Quartz

SKU: SP183

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