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Meet Erythrite, the pink mineral that adds a pop of color and intrigue to any collection!


Erythrite, also known as red cobalt, is a striking mineral renowned for its vibrant crimson to pinkish-red color. This mineral gets its name from the Greek word "erythros," meaning red. Erythrite forms in the oxidation zones of cobalt-rich mineral deposits, often appearing as delicate, acicular crystals or powdery coatings on host rocks.


Metaphysically, erythrite is associated with passion, vitality, and emotional healing. Its vivid red hue stimulates the root and heart chakras, promoting feelings of courage, strength, and love. Erythrite helps release blockages and traumas stored in the emotional body, allowing for greater emotional expression and healing.


Due to its rarity and distinctive color, erythrite is highly prized by mineral collectors and enthusiasts. Its exquisite crystals and vibrant hue make it a sought-after addition to mineral collections and a valuable tool for spiritual practices and energy work.


Dimensions: 3"x2"x2"

Weight: 15.8 oz

Chakras: Root, Heart

Zodiac: Aries, Scorpio



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