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Simply stunning fluorite mini-juju bowl! What to put in it? What not to put in it is the harder question! Anything—rings, condiments, herbs, tealights, pocket change, paperclips, or more crystals, to name some! 


Here is an essential, all-around protective stone to have in your good juju arsenal! Fluorite is renowned for its diverse array of colors, ranging from vibrant purple and deep blue to green, yellow, and even colorless variations. Fluorite typically exhibits a range of transparency, from transparent to translucent and sometimes opaque, with a characteristic glassy or vitreous luster on its crystal faces.


Crystallographically, Fluorite commonly forms in cubic or octahedral crystals resembling stacked cubes, though it can also appear in complex forms like dodecahedrons or combinations of shapes. One of its most remarkable properties is its fluorescence under ultraviolet light, where it fluoresces in various colors such as blue, green, or purple, depending on the impurities within the crystal lattice.


In metaphysical and healing practices, Fluorite is a "calmer of chaos," bringing serenity and a peaceful vibration along with mental clarity, focus, and aura cleansing. It's also known as the 'Genius Stone,' as it stimulates brain cells while balancing both sides of the brain, which aids in learning, achieving, creating, or maneuvering through new information.


But its talents do not end there! Fluorite guards against electromagnetic pollution from our devices, so wearing it on our bodies is a smart idea. Fluorite regulates the auric field and dispels negative energies while reorganizing anything within us that is out of sorts.



Dimensions: 2.25" diameter

Weight: 1.6 oz

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye

Zodiac: Capricorn

Mohs: 4


Fluorite Bowl


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