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Wrap your wrist in the mysterious allure of our Midnight Lace Obsidian bracelet, exuding elegance with its deep black hues and intricate patterns.


Midnight Lace Obsidian is a type of obsidian known for its dark swirls resembling lace, formed from rapidly cooled volcanic lava. The unique patterns are caused by mineral impurities or inclusions present during its formation. Midnight Lace Obsidian absorbs negative energies, provides psychic protection, and promotes clarity of mind. Some also use it for meditation and spiritual growth, harnessing its calming and balancing energies.


Due to its unique and eye-catching appearance, Midnight Lace Obsidian is often used in jewelry making, cabochons, and ornamental carvings. It's also valued as a protective talisman and is sometimes used in crystal healing practices to clear energy blockages and promote emotional well-being.


Obsidian is relatively durable but should be handled with care to avoid scratching or chipping. It can be cleaned using mild soap and water, but harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners should be avoided to preserve its glossy finish. 


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Dimensions: 2.25", 1/4" Beads

Chakras: Root

Zodiac: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Midnight Lace Obsidian Bracelet


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