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It's a terrific stone to have on hand with its yin-yang energy!


This gemstone combines the fiery energy of Ruby with the serene vibrations of Kyanite, creating a mesmerizing synergy that ignites the soul. Ruby is known as the stone of passion and vitality, while Kyanite brings a sense of tranquility and balance. Ruby in Kyanite is a powerful talisman that infuses your life with passion, creativity, and emotional healing.


Kept close during meditation, Ruby in Kyanite radiates a protective aura while encouraging inner peace and self-discovery.


Ruby in Kyanite creates a harmonious blend of energies, allowing you to harness the passion and enthusiasm of Ruby while remaining grounded, centered, and protected.


*This stone fluoresces under UV light!



Plastic sphere holder included


Dimensions: 3" Diameter

Weight: 1.3 lb

Chakras: Heart, Throat

Zodiac: Taurus

Ruby in Kyanite Sphere


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