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Discover the ancient practice of pendulum divination! Watch the sacred dance of the pendulum as it swings, guided by the hand of the Divine, offering insight, wisdom, and spiritual clarity.


Our collection of pendulums serves as conduits for divine communication, allowing you to seek guidance from the Source of all creation. From ethereal Quartz to majestic Amethyst, each pendulum beckons you to explore the depths of your soul and align with the divine purpose woven into the fabric of your being. Awaken to the divine presence within and embark on a journey of spiritual enlightenment with the aid of our sacred pendulum tools.




Tiger Eye, with its captivating golden-brown hues, symbolizes courage, strength, and protection. This powerful gemstone boosts confidence, self-esteem, and vitality, empowering individuals to overcome life's challenges. Associated with the solar plexus chakra, Tiger Eye enhances personal power and determination. Its grounding energy promotes balance and resilience, making it invaluable for meditation to quiet the mind and enhance focus.



Dimensions: Pendulum - 1.5"; 8"w/chain

Weight: .41 oz

Chakras: Solar Plexus

Zodiac: Leo, Gemini


Tiger Eye Pendulum


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