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Tricolor Apache Calcite: a gorgeous mix of peachy tones and earthy reds, bringing creativity and good vibes wherever it goes!


Tricolor Apache Calcite, named for its discovery in regions once inhabited by the Apache tribe, reflects the vibrant colors of the desert landscape. Revered by the Apache for its spiritual significance, this calcite symbolizes healing and connection to nature.


Tricolor Calcite is a visually stunning variety of calcite characterized by its bands of color. These colors are created by different mineral impurities present during the formation of the crystal. Each piece is a testament to the natural beauty of the Earth, with intricate patterns and striations that make it a true work of art. The unique combination of colors gives tricolor calcite its distinctive appearance and makes it a sought-after gemstone for both its aesthetic beauty and metaphysical properties.


Metaphysically, Tricolor Calcite possesses a harmonizing and balancing energy that resonates with all chakras, making it a versatile and powerful crystal for healing and spiritual growth. Each color within the stone corresponds to different aspects of the energetic body. By harmonizing these chakras, Tricolor Calcite helps to promote a sense of balance, vitality, and overall well-being.



Dimensions: 5"x3.5"x2.25"

Weight: 1.3 lb

Chakras: Sacral, Root

Zodiac: Cancer, Sagittarius


Tricolor Apache Calcite


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