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This icy cool, calming mineral adds a touch of zen to any rock collection!


White Aragonite, a type of calcium carbonate mineral akin to Calcite but with an orthorhombic crystal structure, showcases unique physical characteristics. Its predominantly white hue can also appear in shades of gray, yellow, or colorless, boasting a shiny surface ranging from glassy to slightly resin-like, enhancing its allure.


This versatile mineral is found in diverse environments, from marine settings where it forms shells for sea creatures and corals to hot springs creating striking mineral deposits. In caves, it manifests as speleothems like stalactites and stalagmites and in metamorphic zones altered by heat and pressure.


Beyond its aesthetic appeal, White Aragonite serves practical purposes. It's prized in jewelry and ornaments for its beauty and employed industrially as a filler in plastics and paper. In crystal healing it's sought after for its purported calming and stabilizing effects, promoting emotional healing and grounding.


Distinguishing White Aragonite from similar minerals like Calcite involves examining its orthorhombic crystal structure and slightly greater hardness. Both react to dilute hydrochloric acid, but Aragonite's distinct physical properties make identification straightforward.


Spiritually, White Aragonite aligns with the root chakra, fostering feelings of security and connection to the Earth. Its soothing energy aids in stress reduction, relaxation, and inner peace, making it a favored companion in meditation and holistic practices aimed at enhancing tranquility and overall well-being.


UV Reactive 


Dimensions: 2"x1.5"x1.5" 

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye

Zodiac: Leo, Virgo

Mohs: 3.5-4

White Aragonite

SKU: SP114

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